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5 Steps to a Better New Year

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

This first month of the year has come to an end. How was it? Was it a glorious prequel to the marvelous year ahead or same as last year with just another date instead? Here are 5-steps you can take to ensure this year will not be simply another repeat of the last year.

Step 1

Woman having no written on her hand

Look at what things worked for you last year and discard those things that did not work. There is no need to continue with anything that was not productive, fruitful, or brought you joy. It’s just that simple. When that thing presents itself again, you don’t even have to ponder it, just say, “No, I won’t be doing that again this year.”

Step 2

Woman exercising

Select as least one new thing that you will embark upon this year. Select something that excites you. Something you’ve always wanted to do. Something you will be proud of. Most importantly, embark upon something you can accomplish [big or small]. Therefore, going raw vegan forever or losing 100 lbs. in 90-days may not be that one new thing. However, keep looking until you find it, then do it.

Step 3

Writing goals for 2020 year

Forgive yourself for all the things you said you were going to do last year and didn’t. Give yourself a clean slate. Release yourself from those goals and start afresh. Ensure every goal is your own, not something someone else did or others encourage. Goals that are truly not your own are rarely accomplished, because they must be fueled by your passion. Goals you are not passionate about simply become reminders of imaginary failures. If you have not started working on a goal within 3-months of selecting it, remove it from the list. Wait until your passionate about accomplishing that goal.

Step 4

Woman enjoying spa

Make sure one of your goals is to treat yourself better. To love yourself more. Whatever makes you feel loved, do that, for yourself as often as possible. It may be taking a bubble bath each weekend. Getting your hair or nails done. Men, it may be receiving that clean shave or a new suit or a new pair of tennis shoes. It may be going to see a movie, taking a walk, or going to dinner. Don’t allow money to hinder you from loving yourself. If money is a problem, find something you can do for free that makes you feel special and do that. Be good to YOU! Have a “ME Day.” Everything and everyone else should lovely take a back seat on that day. Don’t wait for someone else to love on you, love on yourself!

Step 5

Happy woman

Walk in gratitude daily. Find something every single day to be grateful about [besides waking up and Jesus]. Make it a habit to look for at least one thing you can smile about at the end of a long day. Speak gratitude for that one thing into the atmosphere [out loud] and prepare as the Universe conspires to send you more opportunities to express your gratitude.

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