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Connecting with your Intuition

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Inner voice, Gut instinct, Hunch, Feeling, Direct Knowing, Sixth Sense, Self-Knowing Mind, Authentic Self

  • Intuition means being “in-tune” with life. The intuitive process, or what is called “direct knowing” is a natural human ability. Intuition is not a special gift given to only a select few. We are all Intuitive Beings. We ignore our intuition because we don’t trust our instincts.

  • We ignore our intuition because we are afraid to make a mistake.

  • We ignore our intuition because we aren’t sure where the thoughts are coming from.

  • Discovering how to tap into and listen to that voice is imperative. Because it is through this connection that we identify our true purpose and manifest the vision which allows us to live life with meaning.

  • Intuition brings into your life synchronicity, which means that you tend to be in the right place at the right time, all the time. This is when things [answers, solutions, people] appear in your life just as you need them. It means that your subconscious desires are congruent with your conscious intentions, and this brings opportunity and coincidences into your life.

  • However, these are not just haphazard random events that are built upon some sort of luck. These things have appeared in your life because you have no emotional or psychological blockages that are clouding your judgment and perspective of the world. You are free to see things how they should be seen, and as a result you notice more things and therefore can make better decisions because you have more information to work with.

  • Intuition allows everything to flow smoothly for the completion of our goals. Without it, we are on our own, out there in the dark without a beacon of light to guide us. It becomes clear that following our source of brilliance leads to success because our intuition guides us to accomplish only those things our soul craves and heart desires. When following our source everything flows.

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