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I Am Both: a Masterpiece & a Work in Progress

I have been moving through a topic that I discussed in my dissertation while pursuing my Doctorate (5 years ago). What I coined as the Theory of Duality Reconciliation. This theory explores the concept that at some point in our lives we attempt to reconcile TWO OPPOSING TRUTHS that dwell within us at the same time. If we are unsuccessful with reconciling our DUALITY we struggle through life trying to display a SINGLE TRUTH. However, when we are able to reconcile OUR OPPOSING TRUTHS, then we move through our journey with the understanding that we are BOTH: this and that. The most obvious/easiest example is that within us dwells both LIGHT & SHADOWS. I dwelled on those opposing truths years back when THE SPIRIT took me outside into the parking lot as the Sun was about to rise and I watched on the sidewalk as my Shadow appeared, then disappeared. That day, I asked God to reveal to me, the spiritual significance of human beings able to see our Shadow (sometimes). What was revealed to me will be in a book one of these days. 😊 So, with this being said, "I know myself" to be a spirit that can connect to THE SPIRIT which anchors my life and guides me to every good decision; but I also KNOW MYSELF TO BE a loud, cussing, some times petty, wanna-be comedian who instinctively learned how to laugh it off instead of crying. I said all of this to say, "MOST LIKELY, THE LOUD, PETTY, CUSSING, WANNA-BE COMEDIAN

will be hosting the PODCAST! 😊😝😜🤪😂🤣😅🤗😃😀😆😁😄

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