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My Journey THROUGH Pain.

I am a transparent person, so I do not know why it has taken me so long to share this journey. I learned years ago that no War is ever won alone. I think my decision to bring this journey into the fold of my brand has a lot to do with the different supports groups I have tried to join over the last few years. I found them lacking in inspiration, encouragement, empowerment, and most of all hope. Their comments day after day were filled with negativity, fear, sorrow, anger, and despair. It has been my experience that suffering and complaining leads to more suffering and complaining. It is a vicious cycle. Maybe it is me, but I have never carried my pain like that. During the years that I dealt with depression, others were not able to tell that I was depressed. It was only once my behavior became self-destructive did others [including myself] seek to figure out the root cause. Then I had to admit to myself that I had been depressed for years, and I sort out help. I attended individual and group therapy.

I am in no way advocating “suffering in silence.” I guess you could say that I hope to encourage others to “endure with hope.” You may ask why didn’t I take my quest to the groups I joined? Why didn’t I encourage them to “endure with hope”? Well, one reason is because I believe “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” It does not matter how excellent you are as a teacher, those who learn best are those who ready, prepared, and “desire” to learn. That is why the same teacher can have smart children in class and one excels and the other does not.

So, I decided to just share my experiences from this journey as a means of offering those “who seek” a different perspective: encouragement, inspiration, and hope. My videos, podcasts, and blogs will be for those who “desire” to embrace creating a new life, not memorializing the old life. For everyone who has been diagnosed with a chronic illness that includes pain every single day of their life, life has forever changed. Losing your way of life is a terrible loss. However, like any other loss, eventually it becomes unhealthy to hang on to that which is gone. It must be acknowledged and accepted, then we are ready to start building a new life which allows us to seize each moment as an opportunity to create a new life. Many people with chronic pain are not suicidal, but they have given up on life.

TransformNLife with Dr. Di is here to encourage someone in pain, that now you must measure your life in “moments” not miles, and it can be just as wonderful.

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