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Transforming Life Institute, LLC

"Transforming life one thought at a time."

TRANSFORMING LIFE [TransformNLife] INSTITUTE, LLC offers self-improvement, empowerment, and spiritually based webinars, workshops, seminars, lectures, courses, coaching, counseling, inspirational books, and a weekly talk show.





TransformNLife with Dr. Di ~ My Journey THROUGH Pain. 

Activate Healing for your Mind, Body, & Soul.

You Got Triggers!

Dr. Di discusses the traumatic experience which led to the onset of Fibromyalgia. 

Life Strategy Session: Happy woman looking at sky

Life Strategy Session

This session is designed to assist you in developing a strategy for dealing with a specific issue that needs to be addressed in order to facilitate transformation in that area.

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Spiritual Counseling Session: Woman praying

Spiritual Counseling Session

This session is designed to assist you with aligning your Sacred beliefs with your real-world goals. This session is not based upon one Religion or another. It focuses on beliefs held that guide and/or impact the choices and decisions you make.

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Transformational Life Session: Woman expressing fulfilment and joy

Transformational Life Session

This session is designed to identify and address multiple barriers that may be hindering your journey and preventing transformation.

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